The wound is the place where
the light enters you.


I pride myself on being more than just someone to listen, but someone to help you look at things a different way.

It all starts with a healthy mind and a fresh perspective. From there, focusing on your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing you’re taking the first steps on a new journey – a path toward wellness!

Whatever obstacles or struggles you may be going through in life, I consider it a privilege to help support you. I understand that you are entrusting me to give you the right solutions to guide you down a new path with a new perspective, so you can achieve your own identified goals. I take pride in using my professional experience to help guide you to start off on the right foot on that path. Whether you struggle with mental health issues or you simply want a different outlook on your life, it’s something we can work through together!

Areas of experience:

Adolescents (14+)
Anxiety Disorders
Behavioral Issues
Bipolar Disorder

Family Conflict
Psychotic Disorders
Relational Issues
Substance Use Disorders
Young Adults


At Wellness Counseling of NJ, our role is to support you as you take the steps towards positive life changes and healing. Together we’ll work to better understand life’s challenges and the day-to-day stressors that distract you, to begin identifying and implementing strategies to create change.

I consider all individuals to be more than just another name, or an appointment. Therapy is meant to be a completely individual experience, and it is treated as such, with deep compassion and no judgment. Not only do I want to provide support and encouragement for you, but the goal is to identify solutions that you can put into practice immediately. By utilizing a diverse range of modalities to fit your individual needs we can work together to create change.

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